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Montblanc spare no effort to promote the arts and culture, has been providing financial support for many local and foreign cultural project in Germany: for example , the Salzburg Festival "Young Directors Project" would be the exclusive sponsor of 9 consecutive got Montblanc, all over the global world the budding theater director and theater to be great talent. In addition to the specified amount of support, the annual Montblanc will also Max Reinhardt Series ink pen of the sales proceeds donated to the program, meaning customers and collectors Jeannette pen I own the name, but you can produce opportunity to participate in the offshore theater "Young Directors Project". - Mont Blanc Meisterstuck Classique Gold & Black Fountain Pen
By now, the "Young Owners Project" has become the focus of the project Salzburg Festival; several exhibitors theater creators to be able to their places in the intercontinental art scene. Selected by someone that installs systems professionally jury theater director victor will receive the Montblanc Little Directors Award: 10, 1000 euros, including bonuses, as well as Montblanc Maas 'Youth Representative Plan" specially produced -- an ink pen Reinhardt branch.

Tribute to the Western theater pioneer
Century European theater arts pioneer Max Reinhardt and Salzburg early marriage knot, and Richard Strauss and Hugo von Hofmannsthal work together founder of the Salzburg Festival, - Mont Blanc Greta Garbo Pens
then paraded across Cathedral Square in the center of an unparalleled classic play "Everyman", in order to lay all the local artwork reputation, today this outdoor performance tradition continues.

2003 kick off
Montblanc launched by 2003 from the year Max Reinhardt limited edition fountain pen series, a tribute towards the legendary theater guru; every single Max Reinhardt limited edition feature pen series with the Salzburg Festival and Reinhardt's imaginative life as the theme, - Mont Blanc Meisterstuck Classique Diamond Gold & Black Ballpoint
cherished materials, technical skills incomparable, called unique artistic masterpiece.

Inspired by "Everyman" elite
Montblanc 2010 Max Reinhardt limited series ink dog pen, is this year's Salzburg Festival ninety birthday tribute, the year also witnessed the classic perform "Everyman" staged in Cathedral Square in the city center moment.
Cap and barrel in a transparent red paint production, under the classy black pattern emerged CLS; gaudy hues symbolize the theater to pull the window curtain color, and pattern on the pen and the 1920 "Everyman" premiere poster design echoes. - Mont Blanc Limited Edition Rollerball

18K gold nib personalized Hohensalzburg Fortress outline the best of the cap and delicate carvings and mother of pellet Montblanc star logo superb workmanship; ink pen to contain the precious pencil conditions, filling the luxurious model.
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Best principle is to recharge in the event the batteries tend to be about 60% capacity. You can't recharge each time you run down the trail towards store, operating for 5 minutes. For people with a cumulative running duration of about 20 min, then you should recharge.
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