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> Lead: 2014 textile and garment market has a few modifications of path. 1 segment from the brand positioning, we've got to examine how the changing occasions, the consumer life style modifications, to re-sort their brand positioning and adjustments created, to establish a distinctive brand characteristics ...... 1 undertake industrial clusters transfer regular upgrade 2014 transfer on the domestic market is facing a "final exam" policy in line with all the national authorities is going to be identified by way of transfer of market to completely three regions, as well as the refinement of the elimination of backward production capacity and environmental pollution control policy technique, upgrade the industry transfer level and quality. The right way to maintain sustained growth momentum textile and garment market, to expand their development, has now develop into the business are considering everyday complications, and to upgrade the industrial structure adjustment, which has turn into the hottest topic. Not too long ago, to be able to implement the national industrial policy, to stop the backward production capacity transfer and environmental pollution, the Ministry is promoting industrial transfer projects industrial policy compliance identified pilot selected Shanghai, Henan, Sichuan, and Gansu provinces (municipalities) as a pilot region. To actually attain the transformation and upgrading and structural adjustment, the number of textile and garment sector need to be quality-oriented development to shift from development, from a single do OEM production, to construct its own brand alter, and steadily build their own design and style, branding, creative, and so on. a variety of core competitiveness. Uneven development between sector, business, regional, uncoordinated and below the constraints in the a number of elements of the case, resource allocation and optimization of huge enterprises across the area would be the trend, says this sense, resource allocation and optimization of industrial transfer is 2014 focus. 2 BaoTuan development has become mainstream, industry cluster pilot awarded the China Textile Sector Association has reached 197, a total of 184,000 textile enterprises, the key small business earnings of these 197 clusters of three.44 trillion yuan, accounting for the countrys most important textile market 44% of revenue, that is the reporter learned from the China Textile Industry Association recently held "2013 China textile business cluster function meeting" on. Identified towards the labor-intensive textile industry to hold collectively for warmth within the development model. Cluster includes a special specialized production, supporting the chain, promoted by the interactive market and skilled markets, specializing in the location of 鈥嬧€媡he speedy spread of information and various other advantages, you may study, aspects of monitoring, training and also other solutions to provide helpful, significantly lower online business operating charges of production. Textile business by SMEs, SMEs depend on "one-man war" tough to resist the rising raw material costs, labor expenses, greater ranking multiple tests. As a hyperlink to the backbone enterprises, SMEs depend on specialization of industrial clusters turn out to be the key path of development of your business. China Textile Sector Association will market the coordinated development of cooperation within the cluster to play with one another benefits, the positive aspects of public solutions, the benefits of regional brand, regional management strengths, larger clusters play a driving impact the economy and promote the sustained and healthful development in the sector. 3 brand differentiation recycling advantage just previous 2013, for the very first Quanzhou textile and garment crossed the "billion" threshold of industrial clusters, it ushered in a new starting point for the transformation and upgrading. "Development in the complete sector, need to retain up using the macroeconomic predicament, to keep up with modifications in consumption patterns." Quanzhou Textile and Apparel Association chairman Chow stated Min faction considering that guys have the advantage of industrial scale has turn out to be a regional brand, but within the customer growing trend of customized kind a brand new era, a related brand positioning, product homogeneity Min College mens style has produced the original advantages into a "short board", and growing competition from other regional brands won't pull out distance. In 2014, Min send males to create recycling clusters advantage by way of brand differentiation. In his opinion, the 2014 textile and garment industry has a number of alterations of path. "One segment of your brand positioning, we have to examine how the changing times, the customer life-style alterations, to re-sort their brand positioning and adjustments made, to establish a distinctive brand attributes; Second, the pursuit of cost-effective, Brand items are certainly not much more costly the greater value; Third Terminal Solutions experiential channels to modify the style of the museum expertise with the brand will likely be alot more and more so that you can interact using the consumer marketing "4 highlighted the role of regional brands cluster of regional brands. levels reflect the degree of economic development of industrial clusters, clusters grow to be the driving force of financial development. 2014 highlighted the part of regional brands, and its construction will combine public brand, corporate brand building, the formation of Chinas textile market brand overall strategic plan. For instance, lately introduced Shandong "on the strengthening of collective and certification marks and function to promote the views of the regional brand improvement of industrial clusters," and demanded the provinces sector and commerce authorities at all levels with all the relevant departments to vigorously market collective marks, certification marks effect, the use of collective marks, certification marks to market development of industrial clusters. "Opinions" that wish to dig deep sources, scientific arranging, and actively promote the collective mark or certification mark registered protection; ought to play a top role and bridge industry associations along with other organizations inside the location of 鈥嬧€媌randing and promote the sustained and healthful improvement of the industry; play the main function of enterprises in brand building, help and guide the improvement of major enterprises to strengthen the style and brand advertising and marketing, integrated market chain, the progressive realization of specialization, branding, cluster development; should really encourage enterprises registered trademark owned by collective marks, certification mixture together with the companys own trademark use of trademarks, the formation of regional brand, private label business brands and corporate brands promoted by hand operation system. 5 billion rise in 2014 multi-carrier development of industrial clusters into a brand new round of strategic adjustment phase, industrial clusters inside the original "regional brand" according to, continue to strengthen its own brand, its principal feature is reflected in the regional economy in the "production-oriented economy "to" demand-oriented economy "," comprehensive economic "to" intensive economy "," imitation-based economy "to" improvement model innovation economy ". For instance, Jiangsu Province, the emergence of quite a few "billion business base", "tens of billions of industrial clusters" and "billion enterprise" along with other outstanding overall performance of your textile cluster. 14 Town, Wujiang District, Suzhou, Changshu, Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, was named the textile and garment "billion base", Shengze Town, Yushan and so was named "billions of cluster town," Continual, Bosideng, red beans and other nine sizeable enterprise was named "billion enterprise." Around the 15th of Jiangsu Province Fashion Festival, these "billion industry base", "tens of billions of industrial clusters" also into peoples vision. The development of industrial clusters will enter a new round of strategic adjustment phase in 2014, began to strengthen their very own industrial cluster brand. 6 SME cluster development to save the
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