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Based on the French associated news, on the very first day from the New Year, New Years Day in the National Medal from the Legion of Honor medal awarded shaped 657 winners, former CEO of Louis Vuitton won Among French Legion of Honor Medal of ten words, which Awards are also deemed Frances highest honor award. Anthony Chalhoub, CEO of Chalhoub Group of - woolrich outlet bologna Guerlain and Thierry Wasser in the Legion of Honor Knights won the annual award. Meanwhile, Kalker Walker has also come to be a focus of interest in New Zealand of the new figures, he established brand Karen Walker in 1996 when Britains Queen Elizabeth II, and in 2014 to provide design and style solutions for the queen of style, so it became a Karen Walker usher an honorary promotion. In the field of fashion style, Trelise VCooper and Francis - stivali ugg outlet Hooper also gained recognition, accepted the award.
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